Monthly Specials!

Mini Donut Milkshake

Step right up and cool off with our Mini Donut Milkshake, a festive treat that’s a nod to the beloved Stampede grounds. This delightful concoction starts with creamy vanilla ice cream blended to perfection with a rich chocolate syrup. We then adorn your shake with two adorable mini donuts and add an extra swirl of chocolate syrup around the cup for that whimsical touch. Topped with fluffy whipped cream, it’s your ticket to sweet, sippable bliss!

Smokey CowboyBurger

Unleash your inner cowboy with our Smokey Cowboy Burger!

Start with a perfectly toasted bun spread generously with the signature iyycburg sauce. Dive into two hearty beef patties, each smashed with onions right into the meat for that extra punch of flavor. We top it off with a rich slice of smoked cheddar and crisp pickles, all crowned with a bold drizzle of BBQ sauce sizzled directly onto the cheese for a smokin’ finish. It’s a wild ride of taste that's sure to rope you in!